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CVS Windows OSX Cross Platform Double Spacing

From: Tim Milstead
Subject: CVS Windows OSX Cross Platform Double Spacing
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 15:17:44 GMT
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I am developing on both Windows NT and OSX.
When I check out files on the Mac OSX machine they come out double spaced. The repository is stored on a Linux machine and accessed over SSH.

I thought that CVS was new line independent? That is stored files in the repository using unix style (\n) new lines and that the client handled the conversion. It looks like this is not happening correctly. I am guessing that the Mac OSX client is checking out Windows line endings from the repository and replacing all the \r\n's with \n\n (i.e. replacing just the \r's). I believe that OSX uses \n for line endings since it is unix like (please no flames) (making it different from the old MacOS).

When I look in the repository using emacs in SSH I see lots of ^M's in the file. Are these put there by Windows?

Has anyone got any advice. Could I search and replace all the new lines in the repository files to the unix standard (\n only) and then hope the clients work it all out?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Timie Milie.

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