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Re: How to take backup of delta values

From: Todd Denniston
Subject: Re: How to take backup of delta values
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 11:26:37 -0500
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ferozahmed wrote:
Hi All

My requirement is to store the monthly backup in the repository

a monthly backup of what?
source code, your home directory tree, the repository itself, what?

and when i have to store future months backups i have to store
the delta values in the repository ( which the cvs tool does by itself)

So why mention that you need to store delta values, we all know CVS does that for us with out having to think about it, talking about it only adds to the confusion of what you are asking.

 and while taking the backups i need only to backup the delta value,
how to do this please mention the commands to do this

Thanks & Regards

I am going to take a wild leap here and think that what you are trying to ask in something other than your native language[1] is:
Q. How do I make a backup of the repository to some other media?

If you additionally want to know how to make incremental backups of the repository, that is a question you need to ask your backup software maker. For an example with gnu tar the info page shows:
     During a `--create' operation, specifies that the archive that
     `tar' creates is a new GNU-format incremental backup, using
     SNAPSHOT-FILE to determine which files to backup.  With other
     operations, informs `tar' that the archive is in incremental

[1] Actually does anyone including the English actually use the language correctly? I know I don't.

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