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Re: verifymsg script

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: verifymsg script
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 23:26:36 -0500
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FreudJ76 wrote:
> According to my limited observation, cvs is behaving differently on
> windows. I don't think the documentation applies (and I very well might
> be wrong) to the cases where cvsnt is reading verifymsg and triggering
> a script.
In that case, you will almost certainly get more mileage if you consult
a list that specializes in CVSNT. Most of the folk here are familiar
with the vanilla CVS product.

For CVSNT support, have a look here:

> Here is what I have observed using verifymsg on windows.
> When a script is called within verifymsg, the only argument passed to
> the script is the name of a temporary file which includes the text of
> the commit message. I figured out this by echoing the arguments to a
> text file that the script received. Is this a correct observation?
For CVS, yes, and the manual bears that out:

Can't say about CVSNT, though.

> Having seen this, I have read the contents of this temp file into a
> variable so that my variable has the commit message then I looked for
> "no message" string in this variable.
> This seemed to work to this point, some debugging lines I put into the
> script showed that the script correctly determined whether the commit
> message was empty or not, but I was never able to prevent commit. The
> logic I used was that if the "no message" existed, the script should
> quit with a non-zero exit code (Wscript.Quit (999)), but CVS allowed
> the commit even if the execution reached the portion of the script
> where Wscript.Quit command was executed with non-zero exit code.
Now you're getting into vbscript questions. I don't know if anyone here
can help you with that (I know nothing about vbscript and I hope to keep
it that way ;-)

Why not try writing the script in Perl?

By the way, have you considered how to stop people entering 'asdf' or
other random strings as a commit message?

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