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pserver: cvs accesses home dir on server

From: dccarson
Subject: pserver: cvs accesses home dir on server
Date: 13 Jan 2006 14:17:59 -0800
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We have a multi-site development team, all sharing a CVS server in one
location.  We use pserver for authentication.

I've just noticed that sometimes "cvs checkout" and "cvs commit" will
cause the user's home directory to be automounted on the CVS server.
This is not good when the server, on the west coast, is mounting a
directory for a user who is on the east coast.

I eliminated the possibility that one of our backend scripts is causing
this, by trying the commit in a directory that explicitly does not run
a commitinfo or verifymsg script.  The entry in the admin file in both
cases does the action "true" and nothing else.

What would cause this attempt to access a user's home directory on the
server?  Is there any way we can avoid it and still use pserver?


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