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Re: Vendor software update and branches

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Vendor software update and branches
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 02:57:20 -0800

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Mark <address@hidden> writes:

> I've been doing more testing and see that by useing the -b 1.1.2
> argument for my new import, the new vendor code is not generally seen
> on the main trunk.  Main continues to look at 1.1.1 and I can deal with
> the merges in another branch.   (exactly what I need)

This is a really bad idea. The 1.1.2 you specified will be the same
branch as a cvs magic branch would have been if you had
created a normal 'cvs tag -b' on your sources.

Generally, the property of a vendor branch is that it must be an odd
number of digits and the final digit should be an odd number.
For example, '-b 1.1.3' is okay.

> After the import I get a message suggesting that I run "cvs co -jTAG
> -jTAG" and check in.  However I see that this is just merging the code
> into the main trunk, so I believe I can hold off on that.


> The last problem I can see at this point is that new files from the new
> import immediately show up on the main trunk (probably because there is
> no 1.1.1, so it defaults to viewing  1.1.2).

No, this is function of the default way in which a cvs import is
supposed to work.

> I believe, this is why you suggested using cvs version 1.12.13 'cvs
> import -X'.

Yes, the -X switch will change the default.

You may also be interested in a script that Chris Demetriou posted
which the folks at NetBSD were using for a while until the import -X
switch was adopted. Go to this URL:

and take a look at the cvsimport_killnew attachment script for a way to
do this kind of thing using cvs 1.11.x if that makes you feel better.

> But how risky is it to upgrade from 1.11 to 1.12 ??

I believe the risk is low.
(Even is using a 1.12.x release.)

We are using cvs 1.12.x in production at my place of employment with
some fairly large and active cvs repositories.

        -- Mark
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