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RE: TortoiseCVS - Use Network or Y:\Drive for Sandbox

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: TortoiseCVS - Use Network or Y:\Drive for Sandbox
Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2006 08:45:13 +1100

Try the TortoiseCVS supprot page:

Or even better the TortoiseCVS newsgroup:

TortoiseCVS is a front end for CVSNT (check the TortosieCVS folder and
right click on cvs.exe to confirm).

The CVSNT newsgroup:

Please read this FAQ before submitting a support request:

The network drive limitation is a CVSNT limitation - basically the
answer is that network drives can have a lot of reliability issues and
that volunteers don't have the time to debug your network.  

Organisations like the authors of CVSNT do provide paid support for
CVSNT and Tortoise that includes sandboxes on network drives, and are a
lot less expensive than PVCS support.  Shameless plug:


Arthur Barrett

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Subject: Re: TortoiseCVS - Use Network or Y:\Drive for Sandbox

Thanks, Kevin.  One more question. Do you know why it says 'NOT
Recommended' beside the Check Box to 'Allow Network Drives' ?  We
currently use PVCS Version Manager and it uses y:\pvcs as the default
Check Out location.

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