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RE: delete 400+ files from cvs

From: Matt Doar
Subject: RE: delete 400+ files from cvs
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 15:25:23 -0800

My advice is to look at examples of the find and xargs commands.

Get a clean copy of the directory, no ~ files etc.
cd mydir
find . -not -path "*CVS*" | xargs cvs delete -f
cvs commit

And don't run any commands without looking up what they do first.


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Subject: delete 400+ files from cvs

Dear friends:

I need to remove 400+ Fortran files from a CVS directory. Basically, I
need to remove the whole directory. Is there any way to remove the
whole directory? Do I need to remove the file one by one? There 400+ of
them! Removing them one by one is lot of works. The OS is Linux.

Your hint is highly appreciated!!!


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