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RE: Missing CVS Windows Client

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Missing CVS Windows Client
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 11:38:02 +1100


>The last response was that CVSNT had 
>a command line client. That sounds like 
>a sub-optimal work-around for a problem 
>that was artificially created in the first 
>place. In any event I downloaded the zip 
>file and ran cvs.exe since I cannot 
>locate the original. It complained about 
>a DLL missing... then another...then another. 

The dependencies are listed and available for download on the downlaods

> Side note. CVSNT is perplexing. 

Please don't be perplexed - ask questions... The CVSNT newsgroup (not
the CVS one) is the best place for questions about CVSNT:

Please read this FAQ before submitting a support request:

> If you have an existing CVS repository keep it 
> on Linux or OS X or what have you.

In case you do not already know - CVSNT runs on Linux, OS X or what have
you too...

> I see no purpose for CVSNT to exist anymore. 

Feature comparisons against CVS, SVN etc are here:

SCM is ultimately about configuration management practice not tools, if
another tool supports your process better then use it.  

The CVSNT project endeavours to deliver open source versioning tools
that facilitates good CM process.  Hence ACL's, Audit, Mergepoints
(Merge Tracking), True Rename (not copy+delete), Unicode filenames,
Unicode Merge etc.

None of those features are yet to make it into SVN:

The "commercial" verions of CVSNT aim to deliver features that are
mostly significant to commercial implementations of SCM such as 24 hour
support, defect tracking integration, build integration etc.


Arthur Barrett
Product Manager
March Hare Software Ltd

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