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how to use wincvs in clientserver mode

From: navi3083
Subject: how to use wincvs in clientserver mode
Date: 31 Jan 2006 21:13:45 -0800
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Hi to all,

I need help

Im starting a version control system using wincvs at our end.I have no
knowledge of using wincvs in client server mode.
We want to have a local repository and a repository at our server at
another branch ,that (server is linux server) and at our local end we
are using window xp/2000.
So plz tell me in detail
1What are the requirements?
2What is the best way to do it?Steps to set up such system.

3. How to acheive  secure synchronization of data between local and
remote server repository?
4.Is Wincvs used for all type of code(in different languages and
environments)?Any compatibilty issues or something like that.?

Please give me all possible details for this ,i need it urgently.

Thanks in advance.

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