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Repository back up

From: niki
Subject: Repository back up
Date: 1 Feb 2006 04:34:24 -0800
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I just want to know that if i set up a local server(windows XP) and for
back up of the repository i use Linux server.Is this possible what are
the issues to be considered while taking backup from windows server to
linux server and retriving those files in case of crash.
Or r there any other ways of taking backup of the cvs repository on
linux remote server.

And one more thing that our team is handling projects in different
languages so will it have any issues as we will be using same
repository for all types of projects.

i meam different types of files can be used same repository?

and wat is the process of retriving files from the repository and using
them in the IDE is it a completety without user interference of some
issues r related to this also.


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