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Re: Key Refused with SSH

From: Rod Macpherson
Subject: Re: Key Refused with SSH
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 20:09:16 -0800

Problem solved. Whacked the authorized_keys file and started from
scratch with puttygen keys. The plink connection now works without a
password, hence CVS client now works. I think that the key Eclipse
dumped in there was being used which did not match what putty sent.

Created a new repository connection in Eclipse but no key generation
took place this time since there was already a public key in place.
Moreover, Eclipse has no knowledge of the private key that putty
generated. That means it cannot authenticate using keys. I assume,
therefore, it's just using password authentication since it does have
that information.

Bottom line is command line CVS and the Eclipse version control
abstraction over CVS are now co-existing happily using SSH.

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