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Re: CVS on AIX PSERVER password mismatch issue

From: Mike
Subject: Re: CVS on AIX PSERVER password mismatch issue
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2006 20:01:40 GMT
User-agent: slrn/ (Linux)

On 2006-02-06, address@hidden <address@hidden> wrote:
> We have recently been asked to migrate our CVSNT repository to AIX Unix.
> The base install of CVS was carried out by UNIX admins and then passed on
> to us to populate.  Unfortunately, PSERVER access still does not work.
> There were several issues that were worked out with the PSERVER access.
> One of the admins turned out some logging that showed CVS trying to
> authenticate the user and the resultant error which was "password
> mismatch".  The password is indeed correct so I am guessing that CVS does
> not have the authority to get the correct system password??  If I telnet
> into the AIX box (user cvsbuild) I can work with the files in the
> repository (checkout and so on) so we are almost there.
> Here's our setup.  We have 1 system user - cvsbuild - which everyone gets
> aliased to in the .passwd file in CVSROOT.
>       i.e.  claude:kZomPwdlTc:cvsbuild
> When I try a remote CVS login using pserver with cvsbuild CVS returns:
>       cvs [login aborted]: authorization failed: server harvbldp rejected
> access to /cvsrepo/dev for user cvsbuild
> I also get the following in the auth.log:
>       syslog: password mismatch for cvsbuild: **G.26Qx3VFAw vs. *
> If I try one of the aliased users CVS responds with:
>       Fatal error, aborting.
>       : no such system usercvsbuild
> It seems like CVS cannot do what it needs to do to authorize (authenticate)
> the system user.  We are not using the PAM stuff.  Any advice, hints, help
> would be appreciated!

How's this?
- create a 'cvsbuild' account on the aix box
- put the encrypted password in /etc/security/password in your CVSROOT/password 
- remove whatever passes for .cvspass on the windows box
- authenticate again to cvs 'cvs login'

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