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RE: Forcing DOS newline convention with Linux CVS client

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Forcing DOS newline convention with Linux CVS client
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2006 13:22:21 +1100

>Are there any command-line CVS clients that run on 
>Linux and can force an "update" or "checkout" to 
>use the DOS newline convention instead of the 
>Linux newline convention?

Yes - CVSNT (is free/GPL and runs on Linux).

Use "cvs co -kD"

>I have a Linux-based CVS server that triggers a 
>script through CVSROOT/loginfo to run a CVS 
>client to keep copies of the latest versions 
>in the repository for non-CVS users to view.  
>The problem is that the copied files are always 
>viewed from Windows machines via a samba-mapped 
>drive, so the users see the wrong newline convention.

If you switch the server to CVSNT (yes the server runs on Linux too),
then you can use the shadow config file to do this.  "The CVSROOT/shadow
file is used by the checkout plugin to specify directories that will be
automatically updated on commit or tag."


Arthur Barrett

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