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RE: Newbie: Troubleshooting Remote Login

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Newbie: Troubleshooting Remote Login
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 19:07:53 +1100

If you are using the SSPI protocol then you are using CVSNT, so ask on
the CVSNT newsgroup:

Please read this FAQ before submitting a support request:



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Subject: Newbie: Troubleshooting Remote Login

So basically, I'm trying to setup a CVS repository for my group. I have
added myself as a user and a password - the command i used was the

set CVSROOT=:sspi:******.*****.****.***:/TEST
cvs passwd -r user -a user

Then it prompted for password twice which i entered

Now when I try remote login to that cvs repository using the following
commands set CVSROOT=:sspi:address@hidden:2401:/TEST
cvs login

and then it asks for my password which ive entered. But then it keeps
timing out on me for no apparent reason. My friend added himself in
similar fashion and when he tries to login remotely, it times out on him
too. Please help!

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