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Re: control access feature

From: Rahul
Subject: Re: control access feature
Date: 9 Feb 2006 10:02:45 -0800
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|  We were looking for an already implemented solution in CVS or
|  SUBVERSION for this feature. Does it exist?

Francisco :

You can take a look at  WANdisco for CVS Enterprise Edition product:

It implements a full Role based access control model. You can associate
list, read, write or admin privileges with specific users/groups/roles.
Unlike UNIX file permissions you can restrict access to not only
file/dir/modules/CVSROOT but tags and branches as well.  You can
specify Perl style regular expressions for all the fields in an ACL.
The network mask or IP address pattern field allows you to restrict
access to specific sections of the CVS repository based on originating
IP or subnet.

You can selectively give list access while denying read access. The
privileges are hierarchical, so granting read access will automatically
grant list+read. Roles and Groups are inheritable unlike flat UNIX
groups. From the same security console you can apply ACLs to multiple
CvSROOTs or muliple modules within CVSROOTs.

The ACL editor is available from the command line or a Web GUI for easy
manipulation of ACLs. You can generate reports like given a user or a
role/sub-group show me all the relevant ACLs.

Similar functionality is also now available in WANdisco for  Subversion
offering too.

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