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RE: Subversion

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Subversion
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 11:26:59 +1100


Have you considered CVSNT (which is free/GPL and runs on

Feature comparisons against CVS, SVN etc are here:

The CVSNT project endeavours to deliver open source versioning tools
that facilitates good CM process.  Hence ACL's, Audit, Mergepoints
(Merge Tracking), True Rename (not copy+delete), Unicode filenames,
Unicode Merge etc.

None of those features are yet to make it into SVN:

You can even move your existing VSS history to CVSNT.

The "commercial" verions of CVSNT aim to deliver features that are
mostly significant to commercial implementations of SCM such as 24 hour
support, defect tracking integration, build integration etc.  The
workspacemanager that is only available in the commercial version is
much more like VSS (allows repository browsing etc).

The next version of the commercial version (due real soon) also includes
VS.NET 2003/2005 integration and more WM features like drag and drop
import, view file contents (on server), ACL editing etc.


Arthur Barrett
Product Manager
March Hare Software Ltd

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Subject: Subversion

Been using CVS for best part of 20 years and it's worked really well.
However, we're looking to move a load of source currently under
Microsoft VSS to a reliable unix-based source control system, and
although CVS was our first thought due to our past experience with it,
we're now looking to see if we could go with Subversion instead due to
its extra features which a number of users want. Does anyone know of a
newsgroup which covers Subversion -- I don't see one using the obvious

Andrew Gabriel
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