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CVS Plain text copy?

From: Nicholas Wong
Subject: CVS Plain text copy?
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 16:26:19 -0600

Hey everyone,

This is my first post to the mailing list, and I searched all over the place
for an answer to my question and came up blank. It's just one of those
things that is hard to find keywords for.

Right now I'm working on a multi developer PHP website and we are using CVS
to sync all of our code together. The problem is, the CVS server runs on our
beta platform server and we would like a CVS update to actually update the
live php files on the beta server. In other words, we would like the result
of the update to automatically do a "local checkout" of some sort to another
directory that will update the code being read by apache.

Right now we have to SSH into the beta platform server and manualy do a
checkout in the correct folder to get the code up for the beta testers. We
want to cut out this step effectively. Is there any way to accomplish this?

Thanks for the help!

Nicholas Wong

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