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Re: keword (re) expansion

From: Igor Okulist
Subject: Re: keword (re) expansion
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 20:51:07 GMT

> Question is, how much of a performance hit would this
> extra step be?
This could be called explicitly (by an extra flag), thus normal
performance is not affected. And when specified for a large tree
would speeded the update process (the files that share the TAG would
not have to be redownloaded now, but just have the keywords updated).

> Note, by the way, that the "Sticky tag:" line in 'cvs stat' reads info
> from CVS/Entries, not from the RCS keywords.

It would be  nice if CVS/Entries would store if a file has keyword or not,
then the scanning would only be performed on a handful of files.


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