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RE: move cvs from solaris to solaris

From: Wiest, Damian
Subject: RE: move cvs from solaris to solaris
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 14:24:39 -0600

Which version of Solaris will you be running on the new hardware?  If the
vendor's doing the installation it may very well be Solaris 9 in which case
you shouldn't have to change your setup; however, be aware that Solaris 10
introduced the Service Management Facility which is meant as a replacement
for inetd and the rc (IIRC) directories.  I believe there were some messages
on the sun-managers list a few weeks ago about working with the new system.
I am running Solaris 10 on a few servers, but haven't had to convert any
inetd services, so I can't give you exact details for migrating to SMF.

Here's a snippet from the inetd(1M) manpage on Solaris 10:

     Services are no longer managed by editing the  inetd  confi-
     guration  file, inetd.conf(4). Instead, you use inetconv(1M)
     to convert the configuration file content  into  SMF  format
     services,  then  manage these services using inetadm(1M) and
     svcadm(1M). Once a service has been converted  by  inetconv,
     any changes to the legacy data in the inetd config file will
     not become effective. However, inetd does alert the adminis-
     trator when it notices change in the configuration file. See
     the start description under the "inetd Methods" section  for
     further information.

     Also note that the current inetd cannot be run from  outside
     the  SMF. This means it cannot be run from the command line,
     as was supported by the previous inetd. If you attempt to do
     this,  a  message  is  sent  to  stderr  displaying mappings
     between the options supported by the previous inetd  to  the
     SMF version of inetd.



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> Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2006 9:31 AM
> To: address@hidden
> Subject: move cvs from solaris to solaris
> I have a couple of questions.
> My current situation is I started working at a company with a 
> solaris 8 box that has a cvs repository on it.  The box is 
> old is being replaced by a muh newer box.  The long and the 
> short of it is that I need to get cvs off of the old box and 
> onto the new box.
> The problem, ... I have never used or worked with cvs ... ever.
> What I think I know:
> CVS runs on the solaris box as the cvs user.
> It is started as part of the inetd service.  (entry below)
> cvspserver      stream  tcp     nowait  cvs     /usr/local/bin/run.cvs
> The run.cvs file sets a variable that contains all of the 
> repositories, and then runs the following exec 
> /usr/local/bin/cvs -f $myrepository pserver
> the myrepository variable looks something like this 
> myrepository="--allow-root=/cvs/repository1
> --allow-root=/cvs/repository2 ..... "
> The /etc/services file has the following 2 entries
> cvspserver      2401/tcp
> cvspserver      2401/udp
> ** Currently, the server running cvs is on a unix domain.  
> The new server will not be on a unix domain.


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