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Re: rtag/co versus co/tag

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: rtag/co versus co/tag
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 10:25:36 -0500
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RR wrote:
> Assume src is a large, mature source tree with lots of tags,
> branches,
removed files, etc.
> 1. Would either of the following command sequences run noticeably
faster than the other?

Not sure. Why not try it and time the results?

> 2. Other than the fact that Option 1 checks out a static tag and
Option 2 checks out Trunk, would or could the src tree look any
different in either case?
> Option 1:
>   cvs rtag foo src
>   cvs co -r foo src
> Option 2:
>   cvs co src
>   cvs tag foo src

There are two possible scenarios I can think of which might cause

First, if someone else modifies the repository between the two commands,
you'll get slightly different results. Note that you will get the
differences regardless of which option you use.

The other scenario would be if Option 2 is performed on an
already-existing checkout that doesn't have all the files. In that case,
the 'co' will be silently converted to an 'update', and only the files
in your working copy will be tagged. Anything added since the initial
checkout (or since the last 'update -d') will not get tagged.

The decision on which option to use should really depends more on what
'foo' is, rather than on just the raw speed of the command. If it is a
daily build tag, e.g. 'cvs tag -F AUTOMATED_DAILY_BUILD' then I would
use option 1: you want to tag the latest version, then check that out
and build it. On the other hand, if it is supposed to represent a good
build, e.g. 'cvs tag REL_1_2_3' then I would use option 2: check it out,
build and test it, then tag exactly what's in your working directory.

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