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Re: cvs update

From: Martin Jørgensen
Subject: Re: cvs update
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 23:40:26 +0100
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Pierre Asselin wrote:
Martin J?rgensen <address@hidden> wrote:

It's also easier to pull in the newest release when you discard
your uncommitted changes.  From the command line, just remove the
file and do a plain update.  From the Tortoise GUI, right-click
the red file, pick "CVS" / "Update Special" and select "clean copy".

You wrote a lot of things about tortoiseCVS, but as I wrote earlier I want to know what's happening behind the interface and therefore I'm working on a hp unix system and want to learn the command line arguments.

If you want to discard uncommitted changes for *all* files it's
even simpler.  Wipe out your entire local tree and check out a new
one from scratch.

I also do that sometimes, but if it's just for one file then it's a little silly to delete the whole directory tree and do a checkout again.

Yesterday I deleted this "#1.3#" file and when I wanted to commit some changes, it complained about missing this file...

I don't understand what you are saying.  The "#1.3#" file is just
a backup for your private enjoyment and cvs shouldn't miss it.

Well, it did... Perhaps there was a conflict or something? Usually cvs update also just overwrites my local files as I want i to, but I don't know what I did since it made a new revision 1.4 and created a file (something with #1.3#)...

Can you paste the exact error message the next time it happens ?

Yes, I will... Too bad that didn't write down the exact problem when it happened, but I'll do that next time...

Best regards / Med venlig hilsen
Martin Jørgensen

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