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Crystal Media Selects WANdisco for Multi-Site Development

From: Elaine
Subject: Crystal Media Selects WANdisco for Multi-Site Development
Date: 24 Feb 2006 21:26:49 -0800
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Crystal Media Selects WANdisco for Multi-Site Development

World Leader in Digital Media Deploys Unique Technology to Enable
Development Teams in Taiwan and US to Work as One.

Sunnyvale, CA and Pleasanton, CA  February 27, 2006 -   Crystal
Media, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MediaTek, one of the world's top
10 fabless IC design  companies; and WANdisco, the world leader in
real-time multi-site development solutions, today announced that
Crystal Media has selected WANdisco for CVS to support their globally
distributed software development efforts.  WANdisco continues to add
marquee customers to its rapidly growing list as it answers the need
for real-time collaboration between globally dispersed development
teams, as companies continue to move software development offshore.
Crystal Media had been using a home-grown solution to periodically
synchronize source code repositories at their sites in Sunnyvale,
California and Taiwan.  Their development teams were effectively
working in isolation.  Errors resulting from miscommunication often
weren't discovered until the time came to integrate work from the two
sites.  When network or server failures occurred, development stopped
and recovery was nearly impossible.
This meant that development time was dramatically increased, new
product introductions took longer than planned, and the company was
ultimately losing money. All of these factors led Crystal Media to look
for an alternative.

"Other multi-site solutions we evaluated all relied on asynchronous
master/slave approaches to replication that would have offered little
improvement over what we already had in place," said Felix Freimann,
Software Engineering Manager at Crystal Media; "And none of them
really addressed disaster recovery and high availability".

Since this home grown approach meant that Crystal Media's
repositories were frequently out of sync, they relied on extensive
source code branching to prevent work done by developers at one site
from conflicting with work done at the other; but this has now changed
with the introduction of WANdisco.

 "Now with WANdisco's real-time active/active replication
capabilities, it really is as if our developers in the US and Taiwan
are working together at the same site against the same CVS repository,
over a LAN instead of a WAN." stated Freimann.  "The isolation
between our developers in the US and Taiwan has effectively been
eliminated. Problems are detected earlier, our QA cycles have become
shorter and there's much less rework than in the past."
In addition, WANdisco's self-healing capabilities were another
feature that made a big difference for Crystal Media.

"Prior to installing WANdisco, when there was a network outage our
development teams had to stop working for a day or more," explained
Freimann. "Since WANdisco, even when network outages occur, our
developers have been able to continue working. For example: we had an
outage for over two hours a few days ago and our developers didn't
even know that it had happened. They simply kept working as normal.
When the network came back up, recovery was automatic.  We couldn't
believe how seamless it was."
WANdisco also offers enterprise-class security features that protect
valuable intellectual property and support ongoing compliance with new
regulatory requirements imposed by Sarbanes-Oxley.

In addition to WANdisco for CVS, WANdisco recently announced the
availability of its new WANdisco for Subversion multi-site development
solution.  With WANdisco for Subversion, WANdisco brings real-time
active-active replication, self-healing and support for guaranteed
transactions to Subversion for the first time.

About WANdisco

Since 2001 WANdisco has set out to push the limits of what can be
achieved with distributed systems deployed on a Wide Area Network
(WAN). The result of these efforts is new technology that fundamentally
changes the way distributed nodes, or servers, interact to provide
unprecedented levels of reliability, availability and scalability
(RAS); Enabling the internet to realize its full potential.  WANdisco
has applied this technology to the development of its suite of
multi-site SCM solutions for CVS, CVSNT, and Subversion.  For the first
time a development team can truly be spread-out across the world and
work as one unit, in real-time.

Global 2000 companies rely on WANdisco's suite of SCM solutions for
CVS,CVSNT and Subversion to enable them to distribute work based on
where their talent is located, rather than time-zone constraints.  This
results in dramatically reduced costs and significantly improved
utilization of scarce resources.

For more information, visit

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