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Running vbs files from verifymsg

From: mail
Subject: Running vbs files from verifymsg
Date: 2 Mar 2006 07:44:36 -0800
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On cvsnt-2.0.0rc2 we were succesfully using .vbs files on the cvs
server to assure the correct commit message format. We just specified
the path in the verifymsg file and we were running.
DEFAULT c:\verifyCommitMessage.vbs (works!)

On cvsnt- i am having problems running these vbs files, and
always get the message "Script execution failed". I have no problem
running batch files. And i have no problems running vbs files from
withing those batch files. But as soon as I directly specify a .vbs
file to run, things stop working. It looks like the file is never run,
because not even the simplest command takes effect.
DEFAULT c:/verifyCommitMessage.bat (works!)
DEFAULT c:/verifyCommitMessage.vbs (fails!!!!)

Does anyone have an idea of why this is not working?
Any help would be appreciated.

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