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Re: Anonymous Checkout, Developer commit

From: Mark E. Hamilton
Subject: Re: Anonymous Checkout, Developer commit
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2006 15:42:28 -0700
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Peter Reinhardt wrote:
I am currently working on a project at
I checked out using the pserver anonymous login. Now I have changed some files and I want to commit my settings, but I am not able to do this, because the anonymous-user does not have writing rights. I then tried to login via ssh with my username at to authorize my commit process, but the server answered with
Welcome to

This is a restricted Shell Account
You cannot execute anything here.

Connection to closed.
Now how I am able to commit my changes to the repository?

This is not a SourceForge support mailing list. You'll get better response from the support group.

That being said, SourceForge does not allow shell access to the server for developers as a security measure. Developers never need shell access to the server anyway, and project admins only occasionally, IMO.

As to why you can't commit, you answered your own question: anonymous users don't have writing rights to that project.

Assuming that you are a member of the project with write privileges, have you tried specifying your userid when commiting?

cvs -d :pserver:<your_user_id><project>

Mark E. Hamilton
Orion International Technologies, Inc.
Sandia National Laboratory, NM.

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