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Re: cvs on unix simple security issue

From: jason
Subject: Re: cvs on unix simple security issue
Date: 8 Mar 2006 00:13:56 -0800
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Arthur Barrett wrote:

> Don't allow interactive login to the unix box runnin the CVS server?
> CVSNT also allows you to run the service as a specific user (so there is
> no context(?) switch - then all the files are "owned" by that user -
> preventing other users from rm'ing it, there is probably some option to
> do that on traditional CVS).

Someone inside suggested WINCVS, I've not looked at it yet. I'm curious
about how authentication works. Are you saying we would not be able to
tell who did the last commit on an object by looking at history? Big
deal to configure and use pserver?

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