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Re: pre-commit converter

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: pre-commit converter
Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2006 09:24:06 -0500
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address@hidden wrote:
>>Their CVS client should do the conversion for you.  What are
>>they using ?
> That would be nice.  I do not know what is being used.  (Probably putty
> or some ssh variant.)

Find out. Putty and SSH are not CVS clients, but connection methods.

The line-ending problem is very old, and has been solved many times
without resorting to altering the file while it's on its way into the

Find out exactly what the configuration is - exactly what version of the
client and server are being used (if it's a Cygwin CVS client, is Cygwin
configured for UNIX-style or DOS-style line endings), what connection
method, whether either the local directory or the server is mounted on a
network drive, and post that information here. We should be able to help
you reconfigure your system to eliminate the newline problem.

One golden guideline to follow is: the CVS client, the system hosting
the working directory (whether it's a local drive or network-mounted)
and the file editor should all belong to the same operating system
family. Mixing O/S tools is a recipe for trouble.

>>I think it's a bad idea
>>to try and fix the files in the hook.  What if your filter has a
>>bug and corrupts the files ?
> It seems I will have to take that risk.

Don't. It's not worth it, especially for such a trivial problem that can
easily be solved by making sure everything's configured properly.

I am strongly of the opinion that *nothing* should alter, in any way,
the source code that I check in (except for RCS keyword expansion). If
your file gets corrupted, you have *NO WAY* to recover from it.

Your company's most valuable asset is the intellectual property you are
storing in the repository. The end products (programs, web site,
whatever) are incidental: they can be trivially reproduced, but only iff
(if and only if) your repository is complete and accurate.

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Jim Hyslop
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