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tortoiseCVS and cvsnt basics

From: dsvick
Subject: tortoiseCVS and cvsnt basics
Date: 10 Mar 2006 08:17:36 -0800
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Hi everyone

I'm trying to set up a basic cvs system for our production webserver
and am having issues that I can not figure out.

I've got cvsnt installed, and created a repository in the root folder
that holds all of the sites on the server.

I installed tortoisecvs on my local machine. I created a folder locally
to hold my modules. Within that folder I can create a module with no
problem. My first question is how to add files to it, I can do it by
dragging them in windows explorer and then highlighting them and then
using the tortoise 'add' command. Is this the only way to do that?

After I add the files I can open them locally and modify them, and then
use the tortoise 'Commit' command and it commits them. I can see the .v
file on the server, but the file itself is unchanged. Additionally,
when I change the file on the server and then do an 'Update' I do not
get the new copy from the server.

Also, I dont see any files added to the repository I set up on the
server either, should I? All of the .v files are in the sites directory
on the server.

My basic intent is to set up a version system to allow us to keep track
of changes and to troubleshoot any bugs that creep in. There are only 3
developers so there will not be much issue with stepping on each other.

The CVSNT version is 2.5.03, and my Tortoise version is 1.8.22. Both
machines are Windows 2000.

I've done multiple searches and my eyes hurt from reading the cvs and
tortoise docs, but I can't see what I'm doing wrong here. If there is a
god tutorial out there anyone can point me too I'd appreciate it.

thanks in advance


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