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Re: tortoiseCVS and cvsnt basics

From: Pierre Asselin
Subject: Re: tortoiseCVS and cvsnt basics
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 03:35:48 +0000 (UTC)
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address@hidden wrote:

> I'm trying to set up a basic cvs system for our production webserver
> and am having issues that I can not figure out.

Ok so far...

> I've got cvsnt installed,

We don't know anything about cvsnt.  You won't get much help here.

> and created a repository in the root folder
> that holds all of the sites on the server.

That doesn't make sense.  A repository would contain ",v" revision
control files and those are not suitable for a web site.

> I installed tortoisecvs on my local machine. I created a folder locally
> to hold my modules. Within that folder I can create a module with no
> problem.

Maybe I follow.  The Tortoise menu to "make into a module", or some

> My first question is how to add files to it, I can do it by
> dragging them in windows explorer and then highlighting them and then
> using the tortoise 'add' command. Is this the only way to do that?

There's also a "CVS / Add Content" if you right-click on a folder.

> After I add the files I can open them locally and modify them, and then
> use the tortoise 'Commit' command and it commits them. I can see the .v
> file on the server,

That's the repository.  I hope.

> but the file itself is unchanged.

What file is unchanged ?

> Additionally,
> when I change the file on the server and then do an 'Update' I do not
> get the new copy from the server.

Now I'm lost.  Why are you changing files on the server ?

I *think* you want to run your web site off a checked-out sandbox
and that you want that sandbox to be updated automatically whenever
someone commits from any other sandbox.  The Unix way to do this
is documented at

but I don't know the Windows equivalent.

It may be that you are trying to solve two problems at the same
time.  Forget the web site for a moment, can you get CVS to work
between the three developers and the CVSNT server ?  From your
posting it is not clear that you did.

pa at panix dot com

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