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Re: Changed IP of cvs server,then it can't update !

From: ankush grover
Subject: Re: Changed IP of cvs server,then it can't update !
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 12:42:19 +0530

On 3/8/06, xiangbin <address@hidden> wrote:
My cvs server worked well before.
Today I changed the IP address of  the cvs server machine and rebooted it.
When I try to update the moudle , an error ocured.
address@hidden :~$ cvs update -d HTSYSY05232J/
cvs update: warning: directory CVS specified in argument
cvs update: but CVS uses CVS for its own purposes; skipping CVS directory
cvs [update aborted]: no such directory `HTSYSY05232J'

But if I remove the old directory then re-checkout it, it works.
Any one can help me ?


There are some cvs folders in the checkout directory.These folders contains the ipaddress,port,repository ,username etc of the cvs( in case of pserver as I am using pserver in my company on windows).When you update these folders are checked and when there are some mismatch among any of these entries the update or commit is not possible unless you checkout again or delete those cvs folders.




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