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RE: CVS via ftp

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: CVS via ftp
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 21:38:42 +1100


>So I am thinking: Is there a way to make cvs place the repository 
>at this remote machine using ftp transfers? 


>Does other versioning systems such as subversion offer 
>this functionality?

Not that I know of.

CVS is a client server versioning system.  Just like FTP is a client
server file transfer protocol.  Someone had to install FTP server on
that remote server - just ask them to install cvs server (or cvsnt
server for Linux/Windows/Unix) there as well.

Or use one of the many free or non-free cvs servers available on the net
(go check google).

>instead of the files having names such as 
>/whatever/CVS/some_module/foobar.c (or whatever), it 
>would now be 
>(or something like that). 

That's your sandbox - not your repository.

>Maybe it can be done invisibly if some sort of "map/mount ftp as 
>drive/directory" tool existed.

Sounds like you are using windows - in which case you are probably using
CVSNT, the newsgroup for which is here:


Arthur Barrett

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