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Re: Merging changes from branch.

From: jemeade
Subject: Re: Merging changes from branch.
Date: 12 Mar 2006 20:51:37 -0800
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Sanjucta Ghose wrote:
> Hi,
> We created a branch named rel30 from our trunk and worked on that for a
> while. When we felt that the branch was ready for release , we merged the
> changes from the
> branch to the trunk and created a new branch rel31 on which we were  to do
> further development.  However there were some critical bug fixes on the
> rel30 branch that we want on the trunk and the rel31 branch. Problem is when
> we merged rel30 into the trunk we did not tag the branch. I understand that
> if we now try to merge  rel30 into the trunk again without specifying the
> point at which the last branch occurred there may be issues. Is there a way
> to work around this ?

Oh, you really should tag stuff when you merge... :(

If you know when you merged, you can fetch the sources using the
ie: cvs checkout -D 'Mar 5 14:30' projectname


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