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Re: help with rlog

From: Jerry Wang
Subject: Re: help with rlog
Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2006 23:37:19 +0000

>Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2006 10:56:06 -0500

>From: Jim Hyslop <address@hidden>

>CC: address@hidden

>Subject: Re: help with rlog



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>sreekanth wrote:

>> Hi,

>>     I have a tree that's imported .Let 's say i have a file "file1" with 

>> initial version (yes, that's the revision i have for all the files 

>> that are imported), Now create a tag RLS_TAG1 on it. Then commit the next 

>> version of it, now the revision number is 1.2(strange for me, but still).


>That is expected behaviour, and is what is causing your problem.

>'import' is designed to track third-party source code. When you import

>code, it is automatically placed on a vendor branch. CVS assumes that

>you do not want your changes to be mixed in with vendor-supplied

>updates, so when you modify and check in the code locally, CVS

>automatically puts those changes on the trunk. The next vendor-supplied

>update would be applied with another 'import' command, where you would

>provide the same vendor-branch as the initial import. Then you can

>easily merge your changes into the vendor's changes.



>> Now i do a tag RLS_TAG2. Now if i do a rlog of messages between RLS_TAG1 and 

>> RLS_TAG2 using command

>> cvs rlog -rRLS_TAG1::RLS_TAG2 <path>file1,

>>  I was expecting the log message of the commit message that i just did(of 

>> revision 1.2) , but instead i see the original commit message that was used 

>> to Import this file into the tree(revision, Is that an expected 

>> behaviour? It's essentially breaking my script to retrieve the logs between 

>> two subsequent Tags. 

>This is expected behaviour. -r expects the two tags to be on the same

>branch. In this case, they aren't.


>> Is there a work around to fix this issue?


>The command 'cvs admin -b' will move all files to the trunk. Then, move

>the RLS_TAG1 from the branch to the trunk. Actually, to be safe, I'd

>leave RLS_TAG1 where it is, and apply a new tag, e.g. RLS_TAG1a to rev

>1.1 of all files.


>The tricky one will be RLS_TAG2: some of the tags will be on the branch,

>some on the trunk. You'll need to move any tags from the branch to the

>trunk (again, instead of moving, create a new tag - that way, you can

>always abandon the new tag if you make an error).


>In future, don't use 'import' to populate your repository, unless it is

>third-party source code.


As I know, I have to use import for the first time to add project, then I 
should check it out. It's a little awful for me. Is there any method to add a 
new project into repository except import? Thanks.

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