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Re: how to use branchs

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: how to use branchs
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 11:52:12 -0500 (EST)

Jean-Baptiste Bavoux writes:
> Question: Should I create a Branch for release2 ? I don't think.

Correct.  CVS works best if most development occurs on the trunk.

> Then i got a bug on release1 on fileA.
> I 'am obliged to create a branch
> fileA
> 1.1
>   |
> 1.2 <- TAG release1, BRANCH release1
>   |                             |
> 1.3                           1.2.1 <- TAG release1.1
>   |                             |
> 1.4 <---------Merge------------|
> I'll merge 1.2.1 into HEAD to correct my bug for release2.

Correct.  You should also tag the branch (e.g. release1_merged) to mark
the changes that have already been merged to the trunk.  Otherwise, when
you make the next change on the branch and try to merge it, you'll also
be trying to merge the first change again, which can cause conflicts.
> Question: Should i create the branch for fileB and fileC ?

Yes.  CVS works best if you branch an entire module, not individual

> Where can I find documentation about how/when/why to use branches ?

The manual has a good discussion of how, which notes some whens and whys
in passing:


There's a more extensive discussion in Karl Fogel's book:


-Larry Jones

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