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RE: WinCVS/CVSNT choking on large tar.gz files during Import/Checkoutpro

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: WinCVS/CVSNT choking on large tar.gz files during Import/Checkoutprocess
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 23:45:08 +1100


You are running both CVSNT client and CVSNT server - this list is only
for problems with CVS (not WinCVS at all which is different again).
WinCVS is "just" a GUI in front of the cvsnt client (look for cvs.exe in
the WinCVS directory, and check the properties) - so WinCVS will have
nothing to do with this problem.

Please upgrade the server and client to and if the problem
still occurs report it to the CVSNT newsgroup:

WinCVS by default ships a very very old CVSNT client with many known
bugs, and you haven't reported the server version either.  I vaguely
remember this bug from years ago.  Also note that if you are checking
out a 160Mb file you'll need at least three times that much memory
available (even more with -kB binary diffs).


Arthur Barrett

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Subject: WinCVS/CVSNT choking on large tar.gz files during

I just wanted to post an observation that I have made with WinCVS (Build 4).

I have a large source tree (~1.5 GB) that I am trying to import using
WinCVS.  The source code resides on a Linux 2.4 machine, while my CVSNT
server is on a Windown Server 2003 box.

I have noticed that when I try to import a tar.gz file that is larger
than ~184 MB I cannot subsequently check that file out without receiving
an "Invalid Argument" error.  Due to this I have had to keep these large
tar-balls separate from CVS (not something that I am particularily happy

Has anyone else observed this issue?  If so, is there a known solution?


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