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Upgrading cvs from 1.11.21 to 1.12.13

From: Zanabria, Moises
Subject: Upgrading cvs from 1.11.21 to 1.12.13
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 10:33:20 -0600

Besides the News at
Do you have a features compare table, where I can see all the features
in 1.12.xx over 1.11.x ?

Is there any risk upgrading our cvs binaries from cvs 1.11.21 to 1.12.13

Server/Client should same version level?
Or clients can work using 1.11.x?

WinCVS/CVSNT clients works well with 1.12.X cvs server?

Thanks in advance for any advise.


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