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Re: help with cvs import

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: help with cvs import
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 15:07:42 -0700
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Larry Jones wrote:
> Kevin Rodgers writes:
>>Now when I check out our project, any file I committed a change to
>>between imports is wrong: its my changed version of the old release, not
>>the newly imported version.
> That's because you need to do a merge after the import.  See the manual:
>    <>

The manual says:

        If you modify a program to better fit your site, you probably
        want to include your modifications when the next release of the
        program arrives. CVS can help you with this task.
        In the terminology used in CVS, the supplier of the program is
        called a vendor. The unmodified distribution from the vendor is
        checked in on its own branch, the vendor branch. CVS reserves
        branch 1.1.1 for this use.


        For files that have not been modified locally, the newly created
        revision becomes the head revision. If you have made local
        changes, import will warn you that you must merge the changes
        into the main trunk, and tell you to use `checkout -j' to do so:
But that is wrong.  I don't want to include my modifications in
subsequent vendor releases; my modifications are just temporary
workarounds until the vendor fixes the official distribution; until
then, I can simply apply my patch to subsequent vendor releases
(generally not necessary) and create a branch for that purpose.

I don't want CVS creating branches for me that I didn't ask for and
which require me to unmerge my modifications into the main trunk.  I
don't own this package, the vendor does, and those releases should form
the trunk.  Now I've got a complete mess, and as usual with CVS the only
choice is to start all over again and lose the revision history.

Does anybody really like the way CVS handles this?

Kevin Rodgers

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