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Re: newbie question about branch and sticky'ness?

From: Martin Jørgensen
Subject: Re: newbie question about branch and sticky'ness?
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 22:46:00 +0100
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Pierre Asselin wrote:
Martin J?rgensen <address@hidden> wrote:

Somewhere I read that when I work on either the branch or the "HEAD" this would make a "sticky" flag - I've seen this "sticky" flag several places... But never understood what it meant. What does it mean?

The sticky tag is stored in the administrative files under your
CVS\ folders.  Since you are using TortoiseCVS, you can configure
Windows Explorer to show you your sticky tags, if any.  Click "View"
on the taskbar and switch to the "details" view.  Click "View"
again and pick "Choose Columns" (in Win2000;  they changed it in
WinXP).  Enable the CVS information from the popup.

Huh? I didn't see any "Choose columns" or popup. The popup you're talking about is that the one, that pops up when you right-click? There's something called "edit" and "unedit"... I can't remember which of them make a small icon appear if I rightclick a file and either edit/unedit it... Perhaps that has something to do with this sticky-thing...

Actually my real concern is that even though I've read some tutorials and manual pages, I never figured out how to use this sticky bit...?

Now, I don't need this branch anymore... I think that I actually never committed anything to the branch... Do I have to "close" the branch or parse it into the trunk - I suppose that is the one called "HEAD"?

Right-click the top folder, "CVS", "Update Special", and choose
"Return to mainline" in the revisions tab (I think).

Oh, problem solved. Thanks for the advice. I found out that I should just right-click and select "branch" and 3 options show up: Create/modify/delete - I simply deleted the branch that I shouldn't use... I never merged the changes or anything into my main trunk - I guess I'll have to try that some other time, perhaps on another project (as I'm learning CVS I'm working as "single-user" on a couple of projects so I don't worry about other users doing anything or me accidentally deleting other people's work) :-)

Best regards / Med venlig hilsen
Martin Jørgensen

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