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CVS newbie help.

From: Sisyphus
Subject: CVS newbie help.
Date: 24 Mar 2006 12:28:20 -0800
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I just started using CVS. I use a remote repository and have checked
out a project from the main branch ( using CVS_RSH, CVSROOT ....)

Now I have made my own changes and want to save the changes in CVS. But
I don't yet want to commit to the main branch of the remote repository
since the changes are not final . What are the possible ways to do

Should I create a branch in the remote repository, commit to that
branch and merge the changes to the main branch when the changes are

Or can I create a local ( my own ) CVS repository, make commit(s) to it
and commit at one go to the main branch of the remote repository? In
this case, how can I update the local repository when someone commits
to the main repository? ( I actually prefer this way..)

Also, are there any automated tools to synchronize the repositories (
local and remote repository )

I googled, but couldn't get a straightforward answer. Possibly I don't
know where to look.

Thanks for your help,

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