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CVS Module Level Checkout (Read) Permission

From: yancheng . cheok
Subject: CVS Module Level Checkout (Read) Permission
Date: 26 Mar 2006 08:57:06 -0800
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For commit(write), we may specific the module access level by modify
the commitinfo file.

However, how about checkout a module? Do we have anything like
"checkoutinfo"? So that we can also specific the module level read

I had tried out several methods but not success:
(1) Having readers file in CVSROOT. However, this only applicable to
global repository, not specific module.

(2) Having linux group permission. This is rather cumbersome. Since for
each module, I need to have a new group to be created. Imagine I have
100+ modules in my repository :(

Further more, I am using setgid on my CVS executable file. So that a
cvs user cannot modify the content of cvs repository through without

Any suggestion on how to do so? I search through the forum, but get no


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