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Re: can't make .cvsignore under ntfs

From: Martin Jørgensen
Subject: Re: can't make .cvsignore under ntfs
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 22:45:18 +0200
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Jim Hyslop wrote:
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Martin Jørgensen wrote:

On a windows computer I can't make a .cvsignore file

changes "global" for every project. Therefore I would like to make a
.cvsignore file, which I can't do under the windows xp operating system.

Who told you that? I do it all the time. Open a command prompt, 'cd' to
your working directory, and enter the command 'notepad .cvsignore'.
Notepad will say the file doesn't exist, and ask if you want to create
it. Say yes, type in your file names/wildcard patterns, save and exit. Done.

I tried it myself... But... not like you described...

I right-clicked on the desktop -> "New" -> "Text document" -> changed default file name from "new textdocument.txt" to ".cvsignore" -> "Rename - Error: You must type a filename"....

Now I just tried like you described... Seems to work. Just another incosistency in the MS Win XP operating system.... Thanks.

Best regards / Med venlig hilsen
Martin Jørgensen

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