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Manager setting permissions on modules!!!

From: akkisoft
Subject: Manager setting permissions on modules!!!
Date: 28 Mar 2006 23:12:01 -0800
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As an administrator I can set the permissions on modules using cvsacls.
Now the scenario is:
1. We have say projects X and Y in the repository.
2. Manager-A is managing Project-X and Manager-B is managing Project-Y.
3. Manager-A want to give access to developers on modules/branches
under Project-X.

As an administrator I can provide with the neccessary access. However
Manager-A wants to have this control in his hands as the access keeps
changing quite frequently(he could not convince me to this, but after
all he is a manager ;)).
Now if I give him access to cvsacls file he can screw up the access
rights (accidently or may be not) that exist for Project-Y.
Is there a way to give control to Manager-X to control access rights of
developers working on Project-X?


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