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Re: Looking for info on cvs logging

From: Brendan Humphreys
Subject: Re: Looking for info on cvs logging
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 23:21:45 +1100

Hi Norm,

Our commercial tool, FishEye, sits alongside your CVS and does changeset analysis (amongst many other things). It also allows very sophisticated querying so that you could pull commit messages and changeset IDs from the repository into CSV format very easily by running a query like:

select revisions from dir /projects/foo
group by changeset
return author, comment, csid

You can run this query via a web interface or via a REST-style web API.

More information about FishEye can be found at fisheye

A live demo instance of FishEye can be found here: http://


On 29/03/2006, at 2:51 AM, Norman Crisp wrote:

Is there any sort of internal id generated within CVS that can be picked up
using cvs log or any other cvs command?

For the purpose of metrics gathering I would like to be able to group a block of files that are committed together with a single "change set id". I
have implemented a commit template that prompts the designers for
information such as inspection effort, defects found etc. The problem is
that when using cvs log, I can retrieve this information for metrics
calculations, but I end up getting the total time on each file, and not the total time for the group of files. Of course, this throws the numbers way off. If an internal id was generated I could gather the numbers once per


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