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Re: can't make .cvsignore under ntfs

From: Alexander Taler
Subject: Re: can't make .cvsignore under ntfs
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 17:16:55 -0500

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Jørgensen <address@hidden> writes:
  Martin> To: address@hidden
  Martin> Subject: can't make .cvsignore under ntfs
  Martin> Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 00:04:41 +0200

  Martin> On a windows computer I can't make a .cvsignore file

I've had similar problems creating a .cvsrc file, also for use
with Tortoise.  File Explorer and Notepad would not permit me to
name a file with a leading `.'.  I worked around this by creating
the file with a different name, and using the command prompt to
rename it.  Once it was created, I was able to edit it with
notepad without problems.  I put the file in:

    C:\WINDOWS\Documents and Settings\$USER\


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