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Re: tortoisecvs corrupted my pdf-files!!!

From: Martin Jørgensen
Subject: Re: tortoisecvs corrupted my pdf-files!!!
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 01:12:09 +0200
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Larry Jones wrote:
=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Martin_J=F8rgensen?= writes:

And now the damage is done: Anyone know how to get the file back to normal binary again?

The corruption is not generally reversable.  You need to mark the file
as binary (I have no idea how you do that in Tortoise, from the command
line it's done with cvs admin -kb and cvs update -A), replace the
corrupted file with a good version (perhaps from a backup?), and then
commit it.

Damn... I came to think of something... Could the real problem be that I have commited the files from a command prompt and the default is ascii???

I've never used cvs admin -kb and cvs update -A... Perhaps I'm going to learn it the hard way now :-)

Okay, the damage is not so bad... Only a bit irritating :-)

Question: Why not commit *all* files as binary files, even those that are ascii files? Is there a way to set default as binary files, from command prompt?

Best regards / Med venlig hilsen
Martin Jørgensen

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