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Re: forcing the users to write log while commiting

From: ankush grover
Subject: Re: forcing the users to write log while commiting
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2006 20:08:35 +0530

Yes. Look at the verifymsg trigger script.

Also of possible interest:
CVS Annotate or FORCING user to comment their checkins

An example script is provided here:
to look for a bug number and some commit comments.

If you write a script that looks at the command-line argument filename
with a log message in it and determines if it passed your criteria, then
have it 'exit 0' in that case and exit with non-zero return code if it

A very simple script might be the following Bourne Shell script that
asks the 'wc' command to cound the number of words in the log message
if the number is zero, it will fail the commit after printing a
"You need to enter a log message." text for the user:

                       ------- cut here -------
#! /bin/sh
[ `wc -w < $1` -eq 0 ] && { echo You need to enter a log message.; exit 1; }
exit 0

Hey Mr. Mark,

Thanks for your guidance. You always have been very helpful.

Thanks & Regards

Ankush Grover

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