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Re: CVS error while performing checkout

From: René Berber
Subject: Re: CVS error while performing checkout
Date: 4 Jun 2006 12:02:12 -0700
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Nancy wrote:

> I am new to CVS, and at my work we are using CVS version 1.1 on a
> Solaris platform. I was asked to add a new project using CVS, which I
> managed to do. However when I try to execute a CVS checkout under my
> directory, I get the following error message:
> cvs checkout abc.cgi
> cvs checkout: cannot find module `abc.cgi' - ignored

You are not specifying the repository's root directory, so cvs tries to
find a module by that name (a module is something defined in the
repository, it can work as an alias to the real location).

You need to do one of the following:
- Specify the repository in the command, as in "cvs -d
/var/cvs/my-repository co my-project"; or
- Specify the repository as an environment variable, CVSROOT (for
instance using bash as shell: export CVSROOT=/var/cvs/my-repository).

After you check out a project it is no longer necesary to specify the
repository root directory, cvs keeps a record of where the files come

> I then tried to checkout the parent directory of the file and got the
> following error message:
> cvs checkout .

This is wrong, "." is a directory name not a module in the repository,
and it's expanded by the shell to produce "cvs checkout
/cvs/myProject/cgi-bin" which results in an unknown module.

> cvs checkout: existing repository /cvs/myProject/cgi-bin does not match
> /cvs
> cvs checkout: ignoring module .
> Any help regarding this will be much appreciated.
René Berber

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