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Re: backing up of cvs repositories

From: Ray Booysen
Subject: Re: backing up of cvs repositories
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2006 08:34:24 +0100
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ankush grover wrote:

I expect that this is generally what you want to use:

  --exclude '#cvs*' --exclude ',*,'

If you feel you want something more specific, then perhaps:

  --exclude '#cvs.lock' \
  --exclude '#cvs.history.lock' \
  --exlcude '#cvs.val-tags.lock' \
  --exlcude '#cvs.rfl*' \
  --exlcude '#cvs.pfl*' \
  --exlcude '#cvs.wfl*' \
  --exlcude ',*,' \
  --exclude 'CVS'
Quick question: Isn't the CVS directory important if you would need to restore the repository?

hey Mr. Mark,

Thanks for your guidance and efforts. I was able to backup and restore
a cvs repository on a test machine.

The command is like this

rsyncz -avuptz --exclude '#cvs*' --exclude ',*,' --exclude 'CVS'
srcpath    destinationpath

a--> archive
z---> compress
v-->  verbose
p--> preserve permissions
t--> preserve  times

On a test machine I created one repository, added a module made some
changes to the file, commited those changes to the repository. Took
the backup of that module, deleted that module  and then restore that
module into that repository again with the command "cp -r module"

Is this the right way of taking the backup and restoring the modules ?

Thanks & Regards

Ankush Grover

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