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Re: backing up of cvs repositories

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: backing up of cvs repositories
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2006 11:39:42 -0700

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ankush grover <address@hidden> writes:

> > >>
> > >>   --exclude '#cvs*' --exclude ',*,'
> > >>
> > >> If you feel you want something more specific, then perhaps:
> > >>
> > >>   --exclude '#cvs.lock' \
> > >>   --exclude '#cvs.history.lock' \
> > >>   --exlcude '#cvs.val-tags.lock' \
> > >>   --exlcude '#cvs.rfl*' \
> > >>   --exlcude '#cvs.pfl*' \
> > >>   --exlcude '#cvs.wfl*' \
> > >>   --exlcude ',*,' \
> > >>   --exclude 'CVS'
> > Quick question:  Isn't the CVS directory important if you would need to
> > restore the repository?
> >
> What difference will it make with and without CVS? On my linux server
> I don't see any CVS directory. On windows you normally see a CVS
> folder/directory under each directory of the module which contains the
> information regarding the repository,subdirectory,files etc.

For cvs 1.11.x and 1.12.x, the CVS directory in the repository holds the
CVS/fileattr files. This is where book-keeping concerning who has done
'cvs watch' and 'cvs edit' on various files. This is a part of the
advisory locking system.

If a user does a 'cvs edit' and then does a 'cvs commit', the edit
information is removed because the user has committed the file.

If you are doing a backup of a repository and you have folks using 'cvs
edit', then need to restore it later, do you really want to restore
something that may not be in a good state for the user sandboxes?

If the intent of the backup is disaster recovery or to make use of for
other purposes at some future date, then you probably do not want or
need the CVS directories to be copied.

If you have lots of 'cvs watch' points in your tree and want them to be
preserved via your backup mechanism, then Ray is correct that you
probably do NOT want to exclude the CVS directories.

        -- Mark
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