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RE: Best/correct way to do this?

From: Chris.Fouts
Subject: RE: Best/correct way to do this?
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2006 11:54:26 -0400

cvs v1.11.18... (I know I may need to update!)

I created trunk files, say foo.h and foo.c. Then I branched 
off the trunk with b_mybranch. Like a good boy, I tagged the 
the trunk files t_tr2br_lastmerge, and I tagged the branch 
files t_br_prevcommit to signify when I last merged from trunk 
to branch, and when my previous commit on the branch was, respectively.

I subsequently added files in the trunk, say foo1.h and 
foo1.cpp. Using my tags, I updated my branch as follows
        > cvs co -r b_mybranch proj
        > cvs up -j t_tr2br_lastmerge -j HEAD proj
        > cvs commit

Now I want to merge my branch back to trunk; so I do the following
        > cvs co proj
      > cvs up -j t_br_prevcommit -j b_mybranch proj

Here lies the problem - the new files that I added to the 
trunk, foo1.h/.cpp, that were subsequently merged to my branch 
do NOT have the t_br_prevcommit tag so CVS does NOT know how 
to do the above branch-to-trunk merge. If I "move" my 
t_br_prevcommit tag on the branch, I lose the "delta" 
information on my original files.

What's the correct way to do this?

Chris T Fouts

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