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File exists problem

From: Andrew Wallace
Subject: File exists problem
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 12:31:22 +0200
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I do the following:

I start a new project with cvs import. I delete the old source and do a cvs checkout and all looks ok. However, the next thing I do is try and create a branch. So I do a cvs tag –b and I get this error:

Cvs [tag aborted] can not rename file … : File exists.

My question is why do I get this error and what can I do to fix and or even better stop it occurring in the first place? I’m using the latest version of cvsnt on a windows XP platform. The CVSROOT is on another machine but I access it via a mounted drive (using the –N option).

I have had this problem before and the way I have fixed it is to open the offending file in the appropriate application and close it again and then its ok. I tried that this time and it didn’t work. I also tried restarting the server and checking to see if any other application has the file open and and there are non.

Any ideas how to sort this out?


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